Our goal at Herbalife Nutrition is to make the world a better place through good nutrition. We know that sometimes it’s difficult to balance good nutrition with getting the kids to school, rushing off to work, and the stress of the day, but it’s critically important. And it doesn’t have to be complicated.


It’s actually pretty simple: think, “balance.”


With every breakfast, lunch and dinner, you’re given an opportunity to improve your nutrition through a well-balanced meal. What’s key is to make sure that the calories you ingest are packed with the nutrients that you need to replenish and rebuild – a concept known as “nutrient density.” Ideally, your diet will be made up of mostly nutrient dense foods, with fewer “calorie dense” foods– like fats and sugars  – which are high in calories relative to the nutrients they contain.


Herbalife Nutrition Formula 1 meal replacement shakes contain all of the nutrients you would receive from a well-balanced meal. The protein, the carbohydrates, the fats, the vitamins are all selected to support weight management in a delicious, healthy way. In Formula 1, we use soy protein isolate. It’s a great source of high quality, plant-based protein that is grown on farms that we monitor and visit. For every calorie that you receive in one of those shakes, you’re loaded up with healthy nutrition. Meal replacements, in the form of shakes, can be customized to meet different flavor preferences and blended with your favorite fruits or vegetables to meet your needs on any given day.


Whether it’s how we source the ingredients on the farm, how we make the product, or even to how we support you in its use, Herbalife Nutrition is dedicated in its entirety to improving the nutrition of its customers.


And how convenient is Formula 1 compared to trying to consume the right amount of protein, vegetables, calcium, fiber and essential vitamins? Watch this video to find out: